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One Dollar Hosting

12 GB SSD Storage, 1 GB RAM, 10 Domains, 10 Email Accounts and much more..

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Basic Hosting

50 GB SSD Storage, 2 GB RAM, 50 Domains, 50 Email Accounts and much more..

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Premium Hosting

100 GB SSD Storage, 4 GB RAM, 100 Domains, 100 Email Accounts and much more..

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Business Hosting

200 GB SSD Storage, 6 GB RAM, 100 Domains, Unlimited Email Accounts and much more..

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Frequently Asked Questions

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$1 Hosting is an affordable web hosting option designed to cater to individuals and small businesses looking for cost-effective solutions. For just $1 per month, you can get reliable hosting services with basic features to get your website online without breaking the bank.

$1 Hosting typically includes essential features such as a single website, basic storage and bandwidth, email accounts, and customer support. It's perfect for personal blogs, small websites, or test projects.

While $1 Hosting is great for small, simple websites, it may not be ideal for e-commerce sites that require more resources, advanced security, and higher performance. For e-commerce, consider our Premium or Business Hosting plans.

Basic Hosting is a step up from our $1 Hosting plan, offering more resources and features to support your growing website. It's designed for small to medium-sized websites that need reliable performance and more flexibility.

Basic Hosting includes multiple website support, increased storage and bandwidth, email accounts, one-click installations, and enhanced customer support. It also comes with additional security features and website backups.

Basic Hosting is ideal for small businesses, bloggers, and individuals who have outgrown the $1 Hosting plan and need more resources and features to support their website’s growth.

Premium Hosting is our advanced hosting solution offering superior performance, increased resources, and premium features. It is designed for websites that require more power, reliability, and additional functionalities.

Premium Hosting includes support for multiple websites, unlimited storage and bandwidth, advanced security features, daily backups, priority customer support, and access to premium tools and services like SSL certificates and SEO tools.

Premium Hosting is perfect for larger websites, high-traffic blogs, and e-commerce sites that need robust performance, enhanced security, and premium support to ensure their operations run smoothly.

Business Hosting is our top-tier hosting solution tailored for businesses that need enterprise-level performance, security, and reliability. It combines the power of a dedicated server with the ease of managed hosting.

Business Hosting offers enterprise-grade resources including high-performance servers, unlimited storage and bandwidth, advanced security measures, regular backups, dedicated IP addresses, and 24/7 priority support from our expert team.

Business Hosting is ideal for large businesses, high-traffic websites, and mission-critical applications that require top-notch performance, maximum uptime, and comprehensive security features. It's designed to handle the most demanding hosting needs.